What is Video Mapping?

Exclusive Video Mapping Loops by Visual Artist Alexander Kuiava

What is Video Projection Mapping?

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3D projection mapping, video mapping, projection mapping, augmented reality projection are just some of the many terms you may have heard of. In a way they all achieve the same objective. Transform an object, building, wall or structure using the light of projector(s) to visually map the object and display content made specially for that object/structure. Popular for advertising, events, occasions or any other celebration. Projection mapping, helps you transform any architecture or any object to bring it to life with animations, information, videos or simply just art. Anythings you imagine can be video projection mapped.

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Types of video mapping?

Video mapping is a powerful tool that can transform reality into fantasy, without any mobile phones, VR glasses or extra hardware. The true immersive virtual reality experience.

There are many types of video mapping. Broadly speaking they can be divided into 2 content formats. 2D video mapping where you flat content and use a mask on top to cut out the projection overthrow.

3D projection mapping where you re-create the projected object as a 3D object and create content based on that, later taking the actual 3D model to map the projections onto the object.

You can have single projector mapping a wall, art frames, table tops or any other flat surface. You can use 3D content to give this flat surface a make believe 3D depth effect.

You can video projection map any object like 360 Dome, Interiors, Furniture, Cars, Cakes, Buildings, Art Gallery, Custom Stage or anything you want really.

Video content for projection mapping?

Needless to say, creating content for projection mapping shows can be time consuming and expensive. The late night renders, the crashing machines, the incorrect settings and what have you. But wait, there is an easier, much easier way out to create unique content for projection mapping shows.

You can use one of the many projection mapping kits available, that give you video loops in various themes, building shapes, facades and more. Easily create spectacular effects like growing ivy, breaking walls, ornate windows, arches with animation and more with projection mapping loops and kits.

Saving you a lot of time and money, mix and match various loops and kits to create unique shows every time. Created by professional 3D projection mapping artists for video mapping artists. High-quality content.

Exclusive royalty-free content for any building video mapping project. Produces specially for architecture and dome projections.

For Buildings, Interior, Objects and Fulldome Projection Mapping

LSD Pillars

Magic Lines – Architecture Mapping

Islam Signs – Architecture Mapping

Rose House – Architecture Mapping

How to do Projection Mapping?

Use Video Mapping Loops


Fold Surface

Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.15

Exclusive Video Mapping Loops pack vol.15 produced in Full HD and 4K Resolution. Download at LIME ART GROUP

20 mapping loops

HD & 4K Resolution

Folded 3D displace Animation

Produced for different architectural styles: Ancient. Islamic. Asian. Gothic. Modern. Baroque. Futuristic .

Exclusive original content by Alexander Kuiava
Watch video tutorials how you can use Video Mapping Loops & toolkits

Video Mapping Tutorials by online school of new media art – Frontskill


3D Video Loops in After Effects & Resolume

HD & 4K Video Mapping Loops

Highlight your Facade elements

Use animated architecture elements - Video Mapping Toolkits

Create projection installations on Wedding Cake

Projection Video mapping in Wedding Cake
What our Customers says about Video Mapping Loops
An awesome must-have resource for doing any video-mapping, or vj work!!! These libraries have been an absolute life-saver for me on more than one occasion! I definitely wouldn't have been able to pull off those projects on time, and have a very impressed client without them! Alexander is really great to deal with too. Really great company, jighly recommended!! LIME AR
Visual Artist
The Video Mapping loops are fantastic! We have used in several shows and we always get great compliments. Highly recommendable!
Pixel Motion Graphics, Inc
Excelente trabajo , estoy muy feliz por lo que he comprando en limeartgroup, felicidades ¡¡
VJ Morales
Your product really saved the day for me. My company was having the grand opening for our new building and a week before my boss asked me to video map the building. One week is not enough time for to make custom content from scratch. So I purchased your VMLP Vol 8 Gold Edition and it saved me so much time. I was able to create a custom looking show with great effects in about 2 days with your products.
Audio Visual Dynamics
I'm very new to VJing & Projection Mapping, but found trough your site a lot of inspiration and help. I bought already 2 of your mapping pack and will be excited what´s coming up next. Thanks for the beautifull Free Backlines Visual pack!
Brawn Engineering AVL Asia
Great value for what you get. I bought a loop pack bundle for around 700 euro´s which have greatly helped me out in several projects. Works great as compositing layers, or as stand-alone VJ material. In addition you get some free content which is updated on a regular basis. I´m a satisfied customer.
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